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Arita‐Poulson General Contracting LLC (APGC), its employees and sub‐ contractors will observe and comply with the proper safety procedures and regulations of pertinent regulatory agencies, such as the State of Hawaii, Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, Division of Occupational Safety and Health; HIOSH, Department of Transportation; Environmental Protection Agency; State of Hawaii Department of Health and Manufactures’ rules and regulations. OSHA is the minimum standards and APGC may adopt stricter rules and regulations for ALL operations.

safety procedures

Safety isn’t something separate from the job. Safety procedures are how we do our job. Working unsafely is bad business. It raises insurance premiums, causes undue hardship of the injured worker and his/her family, economic concerns of financial stability, and the stress of being incapacitated or out from work.

We are committed to your safety. As such, we expect and require that all employees and sub‐contractors are also committed to working safely. We are responsible for our safety and the safety of all around us.

APGC believes that the elimination of all injuries is possible, and we are dedicated to achieving this goal. The success of this program depends on the pledge by all employees to work towards this goal.


Safety must never be compromised. It is part of quality workmanship and the mark of true professionals.

We will constantly improve project safety culture. We will identify and eliminate unsafe conditioning to create an environment where no employee will work in a way that endangers life or health.

Every employee on every project must assume responsibility for safety. Each employee has direct control over our safety program’s success and, in turn, his or her own safety and the public.

Each employee is empowered to do the following without fear of reprisal:
• Conduct their work in a safe manner.
•Stop work immediately to correct any unsafe condition that is encountered,

• Take corrective action so that work may proceed in a safe manner. Communicate to management or the safety department any conditions that appear hazardous or that are non‐compliant with the safety program.

All actions taken will be noted and included for consideration in the safety award program.

Issues communicated to management or the safety department will be dealt with immediately and the status of the concerns presented to senior management at their monthly meeting.

Our project team is responsible for completing all jobs safely. APGC provides each project team with support from our corporate safety manager, support services to assist in raising on‐site safety awareness, and safety training for employees, supervisors, and managers. As a part of our commitment to safety, management will audit job‐sites for compliance with APGC’s safety practices and procedures.