For over 30 years, Arita-Poulson General Contracting, LLC (APGC) has sustained relationships built upon integrity, performance and teamwork.

After working side by side as carpenters, Daryl Arita and Bob Poulson teamed up on Maui in 1986 and founded Arita Poulson General Contracting (APGC).  Since those humble beginnings APGC has grown steadily and is recognized as one of the top 25 contractors in Hawaii with 2017 revenues forecasted to exceed $70 million. Over the years APGC has earned a reputation as a contractor of integrity who can execute projects of all types with the highest level of quality.  

APGC’s Maui offices have been in the same Puunene Base Yard location for thirty years and, in 2003, opened its Honolulu branch office. From these two vantage points APGC is able to meet the needs of its clients on all islands.

APGC believes that strong and healthy relationships with clients as well as inter-company personnel are important keys to success.  Some of our employees have remained employed with us since the beginning of our business.  We’re proud that these “exceptional” employees enjoy working for us.  

Over the years, we have acquired testimony from satisfied businesses and relationships of owners that support our “excellence and quality” of work.  Our success is founded on creating in long term relationships through service to our clients.

Our mission statement is, “Working Together, We Exceed Expectations through Integrity, Innovation and Service.





Co Owner of Arita-Poulson General Contracting and Hawaii native, Daryl Arita has been working in the construction industry for 30 years. After working construction in Kailua, Kona, Daryl, and friend of many years, Robert Poulson joined together to create what is now known as Arita/Poulson General Contracting. Over the years Daryl has acquired hands on experience and knowledge in accounting, estimating, project management, superintending, and other various construction trades, and now also serves on the Associated Builders and Contractors Board..


Co Owner of Arita-Poulson General Contracting, Robert Poulson known around the job site as “Bob,” began working in construction 35 years ago in Rockford, Illinois. After working in several areas of the Mainland, Bob eventually made his way over to Hawaii in 1979, where he worked as a superintendent for Richwood Construction in Kailua, Kona. With nearly 20 years of field experience as a Journeyman Carpenter/Superintendent, Project Management, and Estimating; Bob is now truly an industry veteran having been involved with and building over a thousand projects state wide.